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Welcome to the wild west where almost anything goes! There are many crypto exchanges that operate in jurisdictions with little to no regulation. The downside to an unregulated market is that whales can play manipulation games such as inside trading, pump and dumps, spoofing and wash trading.

Yet the biggest risk is losing money by having the exchange go bust. Deposits held on exchanges are generally uninsured, which is likely the main reason why financial institutions won’t risk money in these markets.

Although crypto comes with its own set of risks, the profit opportunities in a free market can be much higher. For starters, there are no circuit breakers to freeze trading when prices go south. Traditional markets often have a cool down period during major sell-offs. With crypto, if the markets crash then things just play themselves out. This leads to greater volatility so traders can take advantage of price inefficiencies.

Unlike most regular markets, cryptocurrency trading runs 24/7. A free market that never sleeps tends to have cleaner price patterns for trade analysis.